Is anyone else's running slooowwwwlllyyy?

Christopher Woods (CustomMade) christopher at
Tue Jul 12 14:33:53 EDT 2011

Are you starting from the correct directory? You can't invoke get_iplayer
unless you're already in its working directly, this is because get_iplayer's
folder is not included in Windows' "PATH" variable. (you can manually
specify it - a quick Google will show you how - then invoke get_iplayer from
any command prompt starting in any directory).

Alternatively you can create a string which will automatically set the
working directory to C:\program files\get_iplayer\ like so (copy and paste
the following):

C: & cd "program files\get_iplayer" & get_iplayer --options-here...

Obviously substituting "--options-here..." with ... all of your options.

I only use the command prompt to invoke get_iplayer and download stuff, it's
faster and I can be more specific as to exactly what I want to download
(plus you get handy realtime feedback and you can crank up the error logging
to see if you have any problems during the download). The Web UI feels slow
and clunky in comparison; I have a few pre-defined strings which include all
of the environmental variables for quality, download location etc - all
saved in a text file on my desktop next to a DOS prompt which is set to open
in the get_iplayer directory. All I have to do is add the PID to the end of
the string and hit enter... Not quite one click, but pretty good.

> Sorry guys, but i really _cannot_ see to use that <deleted> 
> CMD interface.
> When I (painfully and slowly) typed *get_iplayer "the horizon 
> guide" --get --force* I got something like *command not 
> reckognised either internally or externally etc.* I'll accept 
> that I did something wrong, but I really HATE trying tu use CMD. 
> :-(((
> I can't even copy from or paste to it.

You can, you just have to enabled it: click once on the top-left icon, go to
Options, then enable Quick-Edit Mode. You can right-click to paste in
clipboard text; click & drag then left-click on the selection in an MS-DOS
window to copy text to the clipboard.

Brucie Bonus: if you're in a DOS prompt and want to change drive letter AND
go to a specific folder in one go, type

cd /d x: y\z

(where x: is your drive letter and y\z is the subfolder within the root).
The /d slash denotes you want to change both drive and directory. The joys
of virtualised MS-DOS with Command Extensions. ;-)

(Real men use Real Mode - think I might get that on a t-shirt)

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