Is anyone else's running slooowwwwlllyyy?

Rog zulu.romeotangohotel at
Tue Jul 12 14:07:07 EDT 2011

Sorry guys, but i really _cannot_ see to use that <deleted> CMD interface.
When I (painfully and slowly) typed *get_iplayer "the horizon 
guide" --get --force* I got something like *command not reckognised either 
internally or externally etc.*
I'll accept that I did something wrong, but I really HATE trying tu use CMD. 
I can't even copy from or paste to it.

How can I fix things so that I can _re_ get a file directly using Web PVR 

Or, better about adding *Force Re-record* to the Actions options 

Force Re -record
Add Series


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> On 07/12/11 16:40, Rog wrote:
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>>> On 11 July 2011, at 11:36, ZULU wrote:
>>>> I am also having huge problems with Virginmedia speeds!
>>>> My d/l of The Horizon Guide-Moon was apparently compromised by it
>>>> taking too long.
>>>> Now, I want to re-download it, but I cannot find the *.swfinfo* file
>>>> to dump.
>>>> There is no such file on this computer!!
>>> There is one, somewhere, but it's got nothing to do with forcing
>>> re-downloads.
>> Hi Andy...
>> I truly do not understand!
>> Deleting this and also the partial d/l has always worked in the past.
>> What is the *.swfinfo* file for?
> See rtmpdump man page...
> .....When this option is used, the SWF player is retrieved from the 
> specified URL and the hash and size are computed automatically. Also the 
> information is cached in a .swfinfo file in the user's home directory, so 
> that it doesn't need to be retrieved and recalculated every time rtmpdump 
> is run. The .swfinfo file records the URL, the time it was fetched, the 
> modification timestamp of the SWF file, its size, and its hash. By 
> default, the cached info will be used for 30 days before re-checking.
>>> Just delete the bad or partial file and run:
>>> get_iplayer "the horizon guide" --get --force
>> I am using the Web PVR Manager (Winndows XP P[ro), not the command line
>> box, so how do I implement this please??
>> i.e. where do I paste *get_iplayer "the horizon guide" --get --force* 
>> into?
>> I tried the *Run* box but that doesn't work..
> Under start -> programs -> get_iplayer
> Your find get_iplayer which opens a cmd window, in the get_iplayer 
> environment, then you should be able to type the command
> In the cmd window you should see c:\Program Files\get_iplayer> as the 
> prompt. It may update the index of available programs first before giving 
> the prompt.
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