Is anyone else's running slooowwwwlllyyy?

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> On 09/07/2011 16:31, Kevin Reilly wrote:
>> For what it's worth I had this problem a couple of mornings back and
>> switched from my 20Mb Virgin connection to an HSPA connection on a 3G 
>> MiFi
>> and the speed went UP marginally. It'll be interesting to hear if anyone
>> with an ISP other than Virgin is seeing these slowdowns. As far as I can
>> cell so far it's been 100% Virgin customers.
> It's just taken nearly 40 minutes to download the HD (flashvhigh) version
> of Top Gear. Not only was the maximum throughput 3.2Mbps on a 20Mbps
> connection, the data was flowing in a very unusual pattern of peaks and
> troughs, almost a sawtooth with regular spikes.
> Something screwy is definitely going on with Virgin's connection to the
> back end servers for the iPlayer.

My d/l of The Horizon Guide-Moon was apparently compromised by it taking too

Now, I want to re-download it, but I cannot find the *.swfinfo* file to
There is no such file on this computer!!

Now what?


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