Errors downloading this evening at
Wed Jul 13 16:20:14 EDT 2011

Hi All,

I noticed this evening that my get_iplayer was stuck in whilst 
downloading in PVR mode.  It's been working trouble free for months till 

It's trying to get b007jnxf  "I'm sorry I haven't a clue" from Radio 4 

All goes well until approx  30% to 50% when rtmpdump suddenly exits:

19717.789 kB / 1206.62 sec (55.8%)
Download may be incomplete (downloaded about 55.80%), try resuming
INFO: Command exit code 2 (raw code = 512)
WARNING: Retry recording for 'I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue - 12/06/2000 
ERROR: Failed to get iphone URL from iplayer site

INFO: File name prefix = 

It then retries to resume the partial file:

WARNING: Stream does not start with requested frame, ignoring data..
WARNING: Stream does not start with requested frame, ignoring data..
35295.987 kB / 953.41 sec (44.1%)
Download may be incomplete (downloaded about 44.10%), try resuming

Then third time around it completely dies and gets stuck with just a lot 
of the "Stream does not start with requested frame" messages and nothing 
else gets written to the output file.

Stopping the PVR and deleting the partial file starts the process over 
again,  it'll then get stuck at a different point and the process 
repeats over and over.   I've tried 5 times now to clear this error  (I 
deleted this program from the PVR  list and the rest complete successfully).

Can someone else please try and download this programme? It's only a 30 
minute radio so shouldn't be too big.
I'm a TalkTalk (ex Freedom2Surf) customer, so not on Virgin's network as 
far as I'm aware so it's probably not related to the other recent thread 

Any other suggestions?



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