HD playback issue on PS3

Chris Marriott chris at chrism.demon.co.uk
Sat Jan 15 12:15:01 EST 2011

Hi Michael,

I had similar problems with my old Netgear media streamer box, except in my 
case the video would play (apparently at normal speed) but with no sound. 
It's clearly a problem with the codec, and unless it's software updatable 
(which I doubt it is in the PS3) there's nothing you do do about it other 
than to transcode the video, which is a pain.

I "solved" the problem by buying a Western Digital "TV Live HD" media 
streamer. Pretty inexpensive, and it plays all my iPlayer video (and 
everything else I've thrown at it) without a hitch. Thoroughly recommended - 
it's a very nice piece of kit.



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Hi,  I have exactly the same problem and have been having for many
months.  For me it's much worse, it happens for every video file  that
get_iplayer downloads,  when playing them back on the PS3 via a media
streaming server the video plays at approx 2x and I get no sound or
static.   I have worked round this problem by using
http://code.google.com/p/ps3mediaserver/ which has an option to
transcode the file using MEncoder which it does on the fly as it streams
the video to the PS3, it then plays fine.    The disadvantage of this is
that it's slow to start playing and you can't fast forward or rewind the

I tried upgrading my version of ffmpeg to see if that would fix it but
that didn't help.   The files play back perfectly on the PC so I don't
know what's wrong.

If anyone has any suggestions for things that I could try out to
determine what the problem is, I'd like to hear them.



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