re Subject: Solution for windows users

Shevek shevek at
Sat Jan 8 10:51:32 EST 2011

On 8 January 2011 14:54, Shevek <shevek at> wrote:
> I think I _may_ have cracked it!


I also have an old XP VM as well.

I installed using get_iplayer_setup_latest.exe and "out of the box" it
doesn't work

Downloaded the latest commit and it now works.

Updated instructions to fix below:

in your browser

Find the line: "-rwxr-xr-x 140130 get_iplayer.cgi blob | history | raw"

Right click on the "raw" link and Save As

Save this to your get_iplayer directory

Rename the existing file to

Rename the file you just downloaded to

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