PS3 get_iplayer conversion

don rossie don.rossie at
Sat Dec 24 11:30:43 EST 2011

I am trying to find a way to use get_iplayer that downloads files that
can run on the PS3 and the ipad. So far to date I have had no problem
with running get_iplayer vids on my ipad but I have know gained a PS3
so that I can use my NAS to feed the PS3 so that I can play these vids
through my TV. (I live in Spain so no direct access to iplayer). The
problem is that they wont play on the ps3. A solution was offered that
involved downloading from get_iplayer as mkv files and then running
them through mkv2vob which does work on the ps3 but not the ipad (they
are converted with a .mpg suffix ??). Another solution offered was to
install an older version of ffmpeg which just made the PS3 crash.

I can get the get_iplayer vides to work on both ipad and PS3 this but
it involves downloading files as normal from get_iplayer and then
running them through handbrake where they then work well on both my
ipad and the PS3. This is a very lenghtly process.

I am hoping that someone has overcome this problem so that files that
are downlowded are tweaked with a change of setting to the
ffmpeg/get_iplayer conf file in get_iplayer that will play on the ipad
and the ps3 without any further conversion or manual intervention.

Any help will be greatly appreciated and please bear in mind that I am
not a techie.


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