PS3 problem playing get_iplayer h.264 videos

Andy Bircumshaw andy at
Tue Dec 27 23:39:20 EST 2011

On 27 December 2011, at 04:35, don.rossie at wrote:

> I tried an older version of ffmpeg on my windows 7 setup and all this did was to reset my ps3 (older 40gb model, also known as the fat shiny top model) to a shutdown state with the red power light flashing.

Yeah, supposedly the version of ffmpeg is none later than 0.5.1 (22140).

0.5.1 will be the release number, I think, the 22140 will be build or revision number (e.g. SVN).

> The video was running from my zyxel 310 nas.

Yeah, that won't make any difference - it's the same video stream in either case. I couldn't get my PS3 to talk to MediaTomb when I encountered this the other day and had ended up copying the video to USB flash memory. The symptoms were fast video, no sound.


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