Can watch iPLayer but not use get_iplayer?

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Sat Apr 16 16:33:46 EDT 2011

On Sat Apr 16 11:41:44 BST 2011, dinkypumpkin (dinkypumpkin at 

>However: As I suspected, this appears to have been just a temporary
>hiccup at the BBC end.  For the moment at least, the request for the
>flash player file is no longer returning a redirect (HTTP 301) to me in
>the UK, so rtmpdump works OK.  Perhaps they were just moving servers, or
>the redirect only went to certain networks.  No idea.  At any rate,
>normal programming appears to have been resumed.

 At the time of writing, everything is consistent with what I have posted in 
detail in my previous e-mail
i.e. the "RTMP_HashSWF" errors
persist without using your "swf URL patch". The errors are reported when
1) I use get_iplayer through my Greek IP address to download flashaaclow 
audio content (successfully)
2) I use get_iplayer through "daveproxy" to successfully download 
flashaacstd audio content
3) I "test" use get_iplayer through "daveproxy" to access flashTVmode non-HD 
video content (if I let it, the
download completes successfully...)
4) I "test" use get_iplayer through "daveproxy" to access flashhd2 mode HD 
video content (download fails altogether...)
5) I use get_iplayer for all purposes through a UK VPN (gives me a 
Watford/Hertford region UK IP address).

 If I remove my .swfinfo file [located@ C:\Users\(My User Name)] and try to 
download something afterwards,
rtmpdump does not fetch a new copy of the file when using the unpatched (audio downloads OK,
as said above). Restoring the "swf URL patched", all errors 
vanish, a new .swfinfo file is generated
with (when opened in notepad) the new swf URL:

.swfinfo (228 bytes)

ctim: Sat, 16 Apr 2011 19:26:29 GMT
date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 13:59:26 GMT
size: 000f9c9b
hash: 756ef5b1b33f59e88680ba06bcbc967e34468c82119df9e3789965513e7e57f5

 So, I wish I could second your saying about "normal programming appearing 
to have been resumed", but no go...
Are all the rest of the UK users in this list seeing things normal with 
rtmpdump 2.3 on Windows? Any feedback
from non-UK users?

>or the redirect only went to certain networks. No idea.

 When I click this link 
my default browser (Firefox) redirects me automatically to this URL
no matter if I have a UK IP or not. What do you get?

>If anyone is still seeing this problem, post to this thread
>and attach a log from get_iplayer, run with the --verbose option.

 Being quite inexperienced with this, I scrolled through "long help" and 
previous list postings,
I tried adding at the end of my commands something like this (remember, I'm 
on Windows):
 -v > "D:\Vangelis\iPlayer Recordings\Log.txt"

The text file is generated OK, but when opened it doesn't show exactly what 
was on the command window, notably
the RTMP downloading part is skipped, so are the ffmpeg conversions...So I'm 
gonna need some more help with this...)

I have attached two logs, flashaacstd1 & flashhd2, both coming from using 
the unpatched script (infradead-git-5b2817c). 
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