id3v2-0.1.2-win32.exe (latest version)

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Sat Apr 2 12:05:49 EDT 2011

 The windows installer does not in fact install the executable for id3v2, as 
a result flashaac & flashaudio radiomodes yield untagged AAC/MP3 audio 
The untagged .aac (ADTS) files downloaded with the official release of 
get_iplayer play normally on all the media players on my system (Vista SP2 
x86), these are:
WMP11 (native), WinAmp 5.571 Pro, Real Player SP 1.1.5, Quicktime Pro 7.6.9, 
MPC-HC (comes with K Lite Codec Pack) & Nero ShowTime 4 (part of Nero 8).
When copied to a USB stick, they even play on my generic (cheap, ca. 20 
Euros) Telefunken DVD player (USB enabled), although in its manual there's 
no mention of AAC support;
playing time indication may be wrong, I also encounter problems when trying 
to FF / REW the file...
 In his reply ( to 
my May 16th mail 
dinkypumpkin did provide a link to id3v2-0.1.10-win32.exe, which was fine 
for get_iplayer purposes, and I belatedly thank him very much for that...:-)
However, I then received a personal e-mail from a most kind and generous 
person, called Yatsura, which stated this:

 ----- Original Message ----- 
From: Yatsura
To: Vangelis forthnet
Sent: Friday, March 18, 2011 11:27 AM
Subject: RE: AAC audio: MP3 transcoding as backup option

>Hi Vangelis,

>>I have searched the net laboriously to find a Windows 32bit static 
>>compiled from sources for id3v2 CLI (, but 
>>so far no luck.

 > Try this (attached).
>  Feel free to upload it somewhere and post it to the get_iplayer list if 
> it works for you
 > (I can't access file-sharing sites from my current location).

 > Yatsura.

In the attachment was a .7z file containing the 32bit executable for the 
latest version 0.1.2 of id3v2. As you can see, he does not mention whether 
he is the compiler or where he got the
file from...But he's the person to thank, AFAIC...I have tested the file and 
works as expected in my set up...I have done some renaming, I also included 
some rudimentary instructions
for the non-savvy Windows users, zipped the lot and uploaded it here:

Maybe the file could be hosted on for easy access and 
could in the future be fetched by the windows installer itself...

When used with the infradead version of, flashaac mode ends 
up with a tagged .aac file; however, I have found out that this tagged aac 
WON'T play back with either
Quicktime or MPC-HC players (for reasons that are beyond me), but is still 
playable by the rest of the players mentioned in the beginning of my e-mail 
(even plays back on my DVD player...)
But what is more important is that if you transcode (with FFmpeg) this 
tagged .aac to .mp3 (which is what I do for my non-Apple portable player), 
you end up with an ID3v1 tagged
mp3 file - prior to id3v2.exe I had to tag it manually using Windows 
Explorer/Properties or WinAmp.
 After the demise of the flashaudio mode for the BBC National Radios, I'm 
now mostly using dinkypumpkin's forks of (his 
github-ef2b362.20110315 version based on Nick Ludlam's patch, today I tried 
his  github-a09cd3c.20110401 version based on Shevek's "3rd Patch") , so I 
end up with an AtomicParsley tagged .m4a file, which plays fine with WinAmp
(but not in my DVD player or my micro Hi-Fi, I am too suffering from the 
"Marantz" syndrome posted by Richard ...). But if I choose to use 
the --aactomp3 switch, I again end up with a
tagged transcoded mp3, thanks to id3v2.exe!

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