Making a boot CD - ohhhh, I'm close!

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> In the meantime while I'm looking at pungi, I would still like to hear
> from others about what's wrong with my incantation w.r.t. the error
> I'm getting.    Short / Immediate term I just want it to work.
> Medium/Long term definitely want to be working  with pungi.

What I meant was look at the pungi source code for the mkisofs syntax.  From there on we setup the mkisofs calls, swapping in arguments based on what arch is being made.

For reference the command that was used to create Fedora 7 ppc isos was:

/usr/bin/mkisofs -v -U -J -R -T -part -hfs -r -l -sysid PPC -no-desktop -allow-multidot -chrp-boot -map /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/boot/mapping -magic /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/boot/magic -hfs-bless /srv/pungi/f7gold/7/Fedora/ppc/os/ppc/mac -V "Fedora 7 ppc DVD" -o /srv/pungi/f7gold/7/Fedora/ppc/iso/F-7-ppc-DVD.iso /srv/pungi/f7gold/7/Fedora/ppc/os

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