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Ahmad Fatoum a.fatoum at
Tue May 24 02:21:11 PDT 2022

Hi Frank,

On 24.05.22 11:13, Frank Wunderlich wrote:
> as far as i looked into the linux driver and the binding-conversion [1] i think adding those fields is not enough
> as the supply needs to be set from the upper values (vccX-supply) of the rk808 pmic.
> in core it seems that this recursion is not implemented yet (like the check for rdev->supply)
> from binding i mean this part:
> vcc1-supply:  The input supply for DCDC_REG1
> vcc2-supply:  The input supply for DCDC_REG2
> vcc3-supply:  The input supply for DCDC_REG3
> vcc4-supply:  The input supply for DCDC_REG4
> vcc6-supply:  The input supply for LDO_REG1 and LDO_REG2
> vcc7-supply:  The input supply for LDO_REG3 and LDO_REG7
> vcc8-supply:  The input supply for SWITCH_REG1
> vcc9-supply:  The input supply for LDO_REG4 and LDO_REG5
> vcc10-supply: The input supply for LDO_REG6
> vcc11-supply: The input supply for LDO_REG8

Please don't top-post. It makes it harder to follow the conversation.
Quoting from below:

>> Ah, I missed b8074eba2a6b ("regulator: RK808: Add proper input supplies
>> for rk808"). I recall now that I had ported an older version of the Linux
>> driver to make porting work easier.
>> You should probably add a supply_name member into struct regulator_desc
>> and then propagate this to core, so core can request it.

I have no time currently to spend on Rockchip support, but I am happy to
review patches improving it.


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