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Ahmad Fatoum a.fatoum at
Thu May 19 05:50:13 PDT 2022

On 19.05.22 14:43, Frank Wunderlich wrote:
> @ahmad: thanks for your driver. Take a quick look into it...
> it seems nearly complete, is there anything not working or was the only
> problem the missing regmap-handling added in part1?

IIRC, Linux just has regmap_i2c_init which does the correct thing for all
callers. While in barebox this doesn't work and I had to add a smbus specific
regmap_init. We can always consolidate this later though, so feel free to
add whatever you find missing, test it and send it out for upstream
inclusion. You have my Signed-off-by.

> My current approach is only register the regulators without doing a real
> pmic init. IO-Domain driver only needs to read out regulator voltage, i'm
> not sure if it's enough to get the value from the DT or if it needs to be
> really measured (to depend on complete probe/init of the pmic).
> but the problem is that iodomain is probed before the pmic due to deep-probing
> if i understand Sascha the right way. So i need a way to defer the iodomain driver
> probe till rk808 is ready.

The right way with deep probe enabled is to just use regulator functions
normally and on first access, barebox will take care to probe the regulator
if not done yet. I am not sure if all this works as expected yet, but Sascha
already offered to help with that.


> regards Frank
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