One barebox image for multiple boards

Matthias Fend matthias.fend at
Fri May 13 01:55:02 PDT 2022


I'm looking for a solution to support multiple boards with just one 
barebox image. The few core components that are relevant for barebox are 
the same on all boards, so that the same barebox image runs on all 
boards. It is possible to dynamically detect the board type inside 
barebox, but as this requires some infrastructure it is not possible 
during lowlevel init. So basically Barebox should boot with a minimal 
core device tree, detect the board type and then use the corresponding 
device tree of the detected board. Something similar to 
arch/arm/boards/stm32mp15xx-dkx/lowlevel.c but not at low level.
Maybe I missed something, but I couldn't find such a scenario in the 
existing board code yet.

Is there a suggestion on how to best implement such a system, or is 
there perhaps a board that uses something like this?


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