RFC: Gitlab CI for barebox

Antony Pavlov antonynpavlov at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 04:00:11 PST 2022


I have made simple Gitlab CI for barebox.

Gitlab CI runner setup instruction and
the source for Debian 11 docker image can be found at:


Sample gitlab-ci.yaml config file:


Corresponding gitlab pipeline results:


Some notes:

  * there are several "images size > maximum size" errors during 'build ARM'
  * fake firmware blobs for ARM are used
  * 'build doc' produces sphinx generated html docs archive artifact
  * 'build ARM/MIPS/RISC-V/X86/sandbox' produce log/ directory archive artifacts
  * no support for kvx, openrisc and powerpc


I suppose we can add your qemu barebox/test/emulate.pl tests into CI.

Best regards,
  Antony Pavlov

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