Q about bootstrap support for at91sam92* boards and proposal for retirement

Sam Ravnborg sam at ravnborg.org
Mon Jan 10 12:52:58 PST 2022

Hi Oleksij,
> By porting sama5d3 I noticed that bootROM is resetting configuration for
> at least some of ip cores. So, the main question is, do everything needed
> for uart is still pre-configured? For example pllc and clk settings?

I found this in the data sheet that agrees with you:

	Before performing the jump to the application in internal SRAM,
	all the PIOs and peripherals used in the boot
	program are set to their reset state.

I will throw some hours after this in the weekend to see if I can get
it up and running.

> As soon as UART is working, every thing else will be not really hard to
> do :)
Agree, except that I need find a nice way to add whatever I do to the
current at91 stuff. But that is part of the fun.


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