Kernel device tree gets modified with bootm command when CONFIG_OFDEVICE is enabled

Ian Abbott abbotti at
Fri Oct 6 02:55:11 PDT 2017

On 06/10/17 08:45, Marcel Hamer wrote:
> It kind of sounds like the boot loader is deciding it is smarter than 
> the developer and overriding the settings in the dtb before it passes it 
> to the kernel. I also see it as kind of strange, when you configure a 
> partition table in your dtb for the kernel and once you boot the kernel 
> you get the partition table from the boot loader. Especially since I 
> don't think this is documented anywhere, at least not in the bootm 
> command documentation as far as I know.

There is a magic variable setting to leave the partition entries alone:


(Other meaningful values for this variable are "new" and "legacy", which 
controls whether the individual partitions are placed within a 
"partitions" node ("new") or not ("legacy").)

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