Setting MAC address from nv variable broken in barebox 2017.05.0?

Ian Abbott abbotti at
Mon May 8 07:49:04 PDT 2017

On 08/05/17 15:45, Ian Abbott wrote:
> As a related follow-up, this code in globalvar_add_simple() looks a bit
> strange:
>     if (value)
>         dev_set_param(&global_device, name, value);
>     globalvar_nv_sync(name);
> If you set a new global variable with a specified value and there is an
> existing nv variable of the same name, the global variable will be set
> to the value of the nv variable, rather than the specified value:
> barebox at xxxx:/ nv -r quux
> barebox at xxxx:/ global -r quux
> barebox at xxxx:/ nv quux=foo
> barebox at xxxx:/ global quux=bar
> barebox at xxxx:/ echo ${global.quux}
> foo

That was with 2017.05.0.  I'll check the behaviour with Sascha's patch 

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