Setting MAC address from nv variable broken in barebox 2017.05.0?

Ian Abbott abbotti at
Mon May 8 07:45:49 PDT 2017

On 08/05/17 14:39, Ian Abbott wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not sure if this is a bug or whether I'm doing something wrong.  In
> barebox 2017.04.0 and earlier, I stored the Ethernet MAC address in a
> non-volatile ('nv') variable dev.eth0.macaddr=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx and that
> got propagated to 'global' and the eth0 device on boot:
> barebox at xxxx:/ nv
>   allow_color: true
>   autoboot_timeout: 3
>   dev.eth0.ethaddr: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
>   user: none
> However, in 2017.05.0, my 'dev.eth0.ethaddr' variable is no longer being
> propagated to global on boot, and as a consequence, is no longer
> propagated to eth0 (note that 'dev.eth0.ethaddr' is the only nv variable
> that I set manually when setting up a new board):
> barebox at xxxx:/ devinfo eth0
> Parameters:
>   ethaddr: 00:00:00:00:00:00
>   gateway:
>   ipaddr:
>   linux.bootargs:
>   netmask:
>   serverip:
> Is this the proper behaviour or a bug?  Could it be related to commit
> 35d8e858bea17ec4796069c9c27fd0b134125eaf ("nv: Do not create globalvars
> from nvvars")?

As a related follow-up, this code in globalvar_add_simple() looks a bit 

	if (value)
		dev_set_param(&global_device, name, value);


If you set a new global variable with a specified value and there is an 
existing nv variable of the same name, the global variable will be set 
to the value of the nv variable, rather than the specified value:

barebox at xxxx:/ nv -r quux
barebox at xxxx:/ global -r quux
barebox at xxxx:/ nv quux=foo
barebox at xxxx:/ global quux=bar
barebox at xxxx:/ echo ${global.quux}

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