barebox 2017.05 freezes on VirtualBox x86 boot with "BAREBOX JMP"

Josh Beavers josh.beavers at
Mon May 8 01:49:05 PDT 2017


I am trying to boot barebox on x86.  I have tried barebox 2016.06.0
and 2017.05, both of which produce the same result.  I see the same
thing as this thread from 2016, except the message has now been
upgraded to "BAREBOX JMP":

As far as I can tell by adding a pr_err() call, start_barebox() from
common/startup.c does not get called at all.  Instead, something is
locking up the system between the jump out of boot_hdisk.S and the
startup code.  I am using VirtualBox as a generic 64-bit x86 system in
case that matters.

Any suggestions about what to investigate would be appreciated.


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