[PATCH 00/30] Tegra K1 support

Sascha Hauer s.hauer at pengutronix.de
Tue Jun 3 22:22:05 PDT 2014

On Tue, Jun 03, 2014 at 10:34:47PM +0200, Lucas Stach wrote:
> This is the next big round of Tegra updates, featuring
> Tegra K1 support. The series is based on -next as it has
> quite some dependencies on the earlier Tegra series.
> The first 4 patches are some general useful additions,
> all others are adding K1 aka Tegra124 support. I've
> verified booting a Linux kernel to the rootfs panic.
> The series is regression free on Tegra30.
> Lucas Stach (30):
>   mci: implement non-removable property
>   tegra: lowlevel-dvc: use __always_inline macro
>   tegra: pmc: add Tegra30 compatible
>   tegra: pmc: add command to get into RCM
>   tegra: lowlevel: setup an early stack
>   tegra: add Tegra124 id to lowlevel functions
>   tegra: lowlevel: fix ODMdata fetch on Tegra124
>   tegra: recognize Tegra124 in maincomplex startup
>   tegra: recognize Tegra124 in common initcalls
>   tegra: add Tegra124 and AS3722 PMIC to lowlevel-dvc
>   tegra: disable IDDQ for PLL_X on Tegra124
>   tegra: power up additional partitions on Tegra124
>   tegra: fix MESLECT clock enable
>   tegra: change cpu internal reset layout for Tegra124
>   tegra: add Tegra124 PLL_X rate setup
>   tegra: apply cluster switch logic to all SoCs >=T30
>   tegra: hardcode entry address for main cluster
>   tegra: setup L2 cache on Tegra124
>   tegra: add architectural timer init
>   tegra: add Tegra124 Kconfig symbol
>   pinctrl: tegra30: introduce drvdata
>   pinctrl: tegra: add Tegra124 support
>   clk: tegra: allow variable sized muxes
>   clk: tegra: don't bug out on zero PLL postdiv
>   clk: tegra: add Tegra124 driver
>   mci: tegra: add Tegra124 compatible
>   tegra: pmc: add Tegra124 compatible
>   images: add Tegra124 image build rules
>   tegra: add NVIDIA Jetson-TK1 board support
>   tegra: refresh defconfig

Applied, thanks


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