[PATCH 03/10] devinfo: make the output of "devinfo DEVICE" nicer

Holger Schurig holgerschurig at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 03:28:53 PDT 2014

> Copy&paste isn't possible due to the whitespaces.

Hm, I think that the "Parameters:" headline is transporting the same
information. Also, the the current documantion may be lacking, but at
http://wiki.barebox.org/doku.php you can read:

    There is a parameter model in barebox: each device can specify its
own parameters,
    which do exist for every instance. Parameters can be changed on
the command line
    with \<devid\>.\<param\>="...". For example, if you want to access
the IPv4 address
    for eth0, this is done with 'eth0.ip=' and 'echo $eth0.ip'.

I could change the head line "Parameters:" to "Variables:" to
emphasize that this thing can be changed (can varying), but "Device
Parameters" is already a know term in the barebox knowledge domain.

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