FW: Barebox on Karo TX25

John Parker John.Parker at lucyautomation.co.uk
Thu Nov 28 11:13:34 EST 2013

Hi Sascha

I still have a problem with barebox freezing. 

I've tried various things as you have suggested, but have not got any further.

Issuing wd 100, followed by wd repeated every few seconds seems to keep the system alive so it looks like the watchdog is to blame.

According to the mx25 reference manual the watchdog is disabled until it is enabled by setting the WDE bit.

I can't find anything (yet) in the startup which enables the watchdog by default?

Does the flash header you sent me include anything which enables the watchdog?

Despite this I have been able to follow your instructions and have got as far as copying the bin file to nand but resetting the board (with the usbloader jumper off") does not produce any output.

The barebox-flash-image link points to a zbarebox.bin which is what I've copied to nand. Was this right?

Many thanks for all your efforts



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On Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 03:49:49PM +0000, John Parker wrote:
> Hi
> I have a barebox prompt running from RAM!!
> What next?

Setup a tftp server, edit /env/network/eth0 to your liking using 'edit /env/network/eth0', do a 'saveenv' to safe your settings.
Test your network with:

cp /mnt/tftp/barebox.bin /barebox.bin

If that works you can do:

erase /dev/nand0.barebox.bb
cp /barebox.bin /dev/nand0.barebox.bb

(Note: you have to use barebox-flash-image as generated by the compilation, not the imx-image you generated for USB boot)

That should be it. After a reset your board should come up with barebox.


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