Porting BareBox to Variscite iMX6 SOM

Michael Burkey mdburkey at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 11:48:46 EDT 2013


>When doing so please start with a devicetree based board to copy-paste
>from. The imx6q-phytec-pbab01 should be a pretty good example.

Where does said imx6q-phytec-pbab01 example happen to live?

Which brings up another question:

I know you were heavily involved in the bring-up of Barebox on the
Phyflex iMX6 and in the creation of the BSP (which is still based on
2012.02). When working with iMX6 platforms, which is a better starting
point -- the Phytec 2012.02 BSP version, or the current 2013.08

Right now I've been working from the 2013.08 version -- but, unless
I'm missing something, it doesn't look like the Phyflex support has
been incorporated in the mainline Barebox.

Michael Burkey

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