barebox-2013.07.0 / barebox-2013.08.0 splash, bmp, png problems on Mini2440

Pawel Suchanecki pawel.suchanecki at
Tue Aug 6 16:02:38 EDT 2013

Hello dear list,

I have barebox 2013.07/08.0 up and running, however I can not make it
display the splash on my Mini2440.

I have it built with:

 --- Video drivers
 -*-   S3C244x framebuffer driver
 [*]   S3C244x verbose framebuffer info

& "Library gui routines"

 [*] bmp
 [*] png
          PNG Lib (lodePNG)  --->

but when I run:

mini2440:/ splash -f /dev/fb0 /mnt/F.bmp
mini2440:/ echo $?

Splash command reads the file from mounted USB storage (pendrive),
which takes a while but exits with error.

Also bmp & png commands are not available.

I found the "fb0.enable=1" turning on the LCD but there is some
garbage, which changes when I try to load different files.

I try to load .bmp-s generated by GIMP in 24 bit mode (with and
without saving the information on color space).

It does not load barebox.png from logo/png{8,24}/200x200/color
directory of barebox-2013.08.0 distro either.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you,

p.s. please CC me as I am not on the list atm.

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