menu autodisplay does not work

Sascha Hauer s.hauer at
Thu May 31 16:08:34 EDT 2012

On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 05:25:03PM +0200, Benoit RAT wrote:
> Hy guy,
> I found a small bug with menu autodisplay functionality that doesn't work:
>  menu -a -m test -d "test menu"
>  menu -e -a -m test -c "echo 1" -d "test1"
>  menu -e -a -m test -c "echo 2" -d "test2"
>  menu -e -a -m test -c "echo 3" -d "test3"
> And then I try to autoselect test2 after chosing test 1
> 1
> barebox> menu -m test -s -d "test2"

I think this is not a bug, it's the documentation that is not clear
here. The above is only useful in conjunction with -A in which case
the description given with -d is shown as timeout text.

> But this does not work!
> The only way to perform this is to use
> menu -m test -S -n 2
> menu -m test -s

That's a point I do not understand. Looking at the code it's clear to me
why this have to be two commands, but I think it should be possible to
combine the select option with the show option. Furthermore I think the
-S option is quite useless. -S seems to used only to let the -n option
take effect.

Overall it's not very clear which options exist and which options take
an argument. I've collected them and here is the result:

-m <menuname>    specify menu to work on
-l               list existing menus
-s               show menu
-a               Add a menu or, when -e is given additionally, add a menu entry
-r               remove a menu
-d <description> description, in conjunction with
                  -a -e: Menu text to show
		  -A: timeout text to show
-A <delay>       Autoselect selected entry in <delay> seconds
-c <command>     run <command> when an entry is selected
-R               reentrance, used with -a, do not leave the menu after
                 an entry is selected
-b 0|1           box entry. used with -a, add a yes/no entry
-e               when given with -a, add a menu entry. When given with
                 -l, additionally to the menu also list the entries
-S -n <num>      select entry <num>, starting at 1. Seperate command,
                 NOT together with actually showing the menu

I think we should add this to the help text for the menu command, or
even better, replace the docs and the code for -S -n <num> with a plain
-S <num>


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