menu autodisplay does not work

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Thu May 31 11:25:03 EDT 2012

Hy guy,

I found a small bug with menu autodisplay functionality that doesn't work:

 menu -a -m test -d "test menu"
 menu -e -a -m test -c "echo 1" -d "test1"
 menu -e -a -m test -c "echo 2" -d "test2"
 menu -e -a -m test -c "echo 3" -d "test3"

And then I try to autoselect test2 after chosing test 1

barebox> menu -m test -s -d "test2"

But this does not work!

The only way to perform this is to use

menu -m test -S -n 2
menu -m test -s

I hope it can help you to debug it

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