Booting mx25 based device from SD and NOR

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> > Hi Eric
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> > I support WEIM configuration is done in the low level part, isn't it?
> You don't need to do it in lowlevel init, just before registering the
> cfi device is enough. Usually it's good habit to do only the absolutely
> necessary things in lowlevel init. Doing things later increases the
> chance that you get useful debug output when something goes wrong
> I read the different board initialization routines over and over again,
but can't find a common pattern. From what I see the lowlevel_init (which
has been converted nicely into a C file), only AIPS, MAX, MPLL core clock,
all clocks, SDRAM are initialized, but I have seen AIPS and MAX setups in
core_init functions (eukrea_cpuimx35.c), as well as clock setups in
console_init and other places. So, what's the bare minimum in lowlevel to
set up? SDRAM/MDDR? What's the order of things?

I am merely asking because I have come a long way trying to debug an issue
with weird I/O and clock behaviour on the ESDHC and other parts of my mx25

Thanks and best regards
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