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Fri Mar 23 04:36:43 EDT 2012

Hi Derald,

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 06:25:44PM -0500, Derald D. Woods wrote:
> All,
> I have an existing design that uses the i.MX21 ARM9 processor. The
> design currently uses an external USB OTG chip. The chip is now
> end-of-life. I know that this is an older ARM processor. It still meets
> most of the design needs. Is the i.MX21 OTG functionality considered
> reliable? I have not seen any real success stories with the i.MX21 USB
> OTG implementation. Our board currently utilizes the USB OTG chip at
> the bootloader and Linux kernel level.
> I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction or warned of
> impending danger.
> I posted to this list because the support for i.MX2x processors is still
> fairly active in the Barebox community.

The i.MX21 is the only i.MX I never used. Maybe you should contact
Martin Fuzzey <mfuzzey at gmail.com>, he mainlined the i.MX21 USB host
driver in Linux.


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