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Marc Reilly marc at
Tue Jul 17 06:44:46 EDT 2012


>ok i was able to preceed a little. The new error message after booting is: 
>Board: RAFI i.MX53 
>eth at eth0: got MAC address from EEPROM: ******** 
>NAND device: Manufacturer ID: 0xec, Chip ID: 0xf1 (Samsung NAND 128MiB 3,3V
>Bad block table found at page 65472, version 0x01 
>Bad block table found at page 65408, version 0x01 
>nand_read_bbt: Bad block at 0x060a0000 
>Malloc space: 0x7df00000 -> 0x7fefffff (size 32 MB) 
>Stack space : 0x7def8000 -> 0x7df00000 (size 32 kB) 
>envfs: wrong magic on /dev/env0 
>running /env/bin/init... 
>not found 

What commands are you using to erase and program the flash area?

>Environment config 

>devfs_add_partition("nand0", 0x00000, 0x80000, PARTITION_FIXED, "self0"); 
>devfs_add_partition("nand0", 0x80000, 0x80000, PARTITION_FIXED, "env0"); 

These partitions aren't bad block aware, from memory, I think u want
something like:

devfs_add_partition("nand0", 0x80000, 0x80000, PARTITION_FIXED, "env0_raw");
dev_add_bb_dev("env0_raw", "env0");


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