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Tue Jul 17 05:58:00 EDT 2012

ok i was able to preceed a little. The new error message after booting is:

barebox 2012.03.0-dirty (Jul 17 2012 - 11:36:47)

Board: RAFI i.MX53
eth at eth0: got MAC address from EEPROM: ********
NAND device: Manufacturer ID: 0xec, Chip ID: 0xf1 (Samsung NAND 128MiB 
3,3V 8-bit)
Bad block table found at page 65472, version 0x01
Bad block table found at page 65408, version 0x01
nand_read_bbt: Bad block at 0x060a0000
Malloc space: 0x7df00000 -> 0x7fefffff (size 32 MB)
Stack space : 0x7def8000 -> 0x7df00000 (size 32 kB)
envfs: wrong magic on /dev/env0
running /env/bin/init...
not found

current settings are:

struct imx_flash_header_v2 __flash_header_section flash_header =
    .header.tag         = IVT_HEADER_TAG,
    .header.length      = cpu_to_be16(32),
    .header.version     = IVT_VERSION,

    .entry              = APP_DEST + 0x1000,
    .dcd_ptr            = APP_DEST + 0x400 + offsetof(struct 
imx_flash_header_v2, dcd),
    .boot_data_ptr      = APP_DEST + 0x400 + offsetof(struct 
imx_flash_header_v2, boot_data),
    .self               = APP_DEST + 0x400,

    .boot_data.start    = APP_DEST,
    .boot_data.size     = 0x80000,

    .dcd.header.tag     = DCD_HEADER_TAG,
    .dcd.header.length  = cpu_to_be16(sizeof(struct imx_dcd) + sizeof
    .dcd.header.version = DCD_VERSION,

    .dcd.command.tag    = DCD_COMMAND_WRITE_TAG,
    .dcd.command.length = cpu_to_be16(sizeof(struct imx_dcd_command) + 
    .dcd.command.param  = DCD_COMMAND_WRITE_PARAM,

Environment config

devfs_add_partition("nand0", 0x00000, 0x80000, PARTITION_FIXED, "self0");
devfs_add_partition("nand0", 0x80000, 0x80000, PARTITION_FIXED, "env0");

seems like the enviroment.c->envfs_load() looks into a wrong memory area.
Is there a Setting i forgot?

- christian

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> I flashed from 0x0 to 0x7FFFF (image size: 479K).
> I flashed the environment image (image size: 3K) from 0x80000 to 0xFFFFF
Her you write 512k for env

> and changed the config code from barebox/environs/common/config to:
> ...
> nand_parts="512k(barebox)ro,768k(bareboxenv),4M(kernel),120M(root)"
And here you say its 786k.


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