Booting linux on a custom iMX27 board

Uwe Kleine-König u.kleine-koenig at
Fri Jan 27 05:46:31 EST 2012


On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 09:23:32PM +0100, Igor wrote:
> Hi,
> I 'm trying to port Barebox (2012.01.0) and make it successfully booting
> Linux
> on a custom board based on iMX27.
> I could successfully configure, compile and use Barebox on my MX27ADS board,
> making it work both as a second stage bootloader (after Redboot)
> and as the first stage bootloader (booting the system from flash).
> I modified the sources to adapt the low level init functions to my HW
> that has half the ram of the ev.board and a different flash
> (a Spansion S29GLxxx, same size of the one in the eva board).
> With my customized version of Barebox I can:
> - boot Linux (zImage, using Barebox as a second stage bootloader
> (after Redboot)
> - start from Flash as a first stage bootloader, correctly initializing the
> system.
> In the second case, indeed, the system seems to be fully working:
> I can read and write the flash partitions, I can complete successfully
> the ram test with "mtest", but... I cannot boot Linux!
> I just get:
> "uncompressing linux... done booting the kernel"
> and then it's silence...
> architecture_type is 846 (it's the one of the mx27ads).
> It should be right  considering that I used both for the kernel and for the
> bootloader
> the configuration for imx27ads.
> I also tryed to make it boot a more recent kernel version;
> I compiled a 3.0.8 with early_printk anabled to get more info about
> the initial crash/problem  but... Nothing!
> I didn't get nothing after "... done booting the kernel" also with the 3.0.8
> with low level debug and early_printk enabled.
Do you have configured the right output port for low level debug? Did
you pass the earlyprintk kernel parameter?

Do you have a jtag debugger?
> What's the reason for the boot failure?
Probably not a bootloader problem.


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