LPC3250 support

Vladimir Zapolskiy vz at mleia.com
Wed Feb 15 01:54:48 EST 2012


On 13.02.2012 11:09, Tomislav Sečen wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was just wondering about the status of the NXP LPC3250 support in barebox.
barebox works on one my LPC3250 board pretty well, but I have to polish 
the patches before public publishing in the barebox maillist.

> There are two commit logs on git from Feb 2010, s.hauer adding some files:
> http://uboot.jcrosoft.org/git?p=barebox.git;a=commit;h=9d4bff954fbfb94ba550b2ea3d51d9d723a413e0
> http://uboot.jcrosoft.org/git?p=barebox.git;a=commitdiff;h=18be3ca3673300c8f303254c8822e5e954ad8bf0#patch1
> but those files are not in the current codebase?
> Was lpc3250 support dropped, and if yes why?
> Are there any roadblocks to porting the lpc32xx support from u-boot?
If it's ok for you to wait a couple of weeks, I'll publish the changes 
with basic support of LPC32XX SoCs.

With best wishes,

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