An observation with omap_xload

Premi, Sanjeev premi at
Tue Feb 7 12:23:13 EST 2012

Yesterday, i spent quite sometime dealing with 'MLO', unable to find
'barebox.bin'. The failure was always:

barebox 2012.01.0ABC-00248-g9119228-dirty (Feb  7 2012 - 16:39:43)

Board: Texas Instrument's OMAP3EVM
Malloc space: 0x87bfff10 -> 0x87ffff0f (size  4 MB)
Stack space : 0x4020f000 -> 0x4020fc00 (size  3 kB)
booting from MMC1
mounting sd card failed with -22
booting failed

Since, I was working mostly off the windows machine, i didn't
realize that SD card had only one partition and mount would
fail as we explicitly mount "disk0.0" in omap_xload_boot_mmc().

Unfortunately, trying to mount "disk0" didn't help and I got
same error. Haven't debugged this further though.

Also, would it make sense to try mounting "disk0.0" and "disk0"
before returning failure?

I am anyways planning to submit a patch changing the message:
  mounting sd card failed with -22
  Unable to mount disk0.0 (-22)


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