[PATCH 06/10] lib: add ubiutils-common

Wolfram Sang w.sang at pengutronix.de
Tue Dec 11 14:17:42 EST 2012

> In barebox we have the strtoull_suffix function. We normally accept 'G',
> 'M' and 'k' suffixes. Restricting the ubi functions to '*iB' suffixes
> might be confusing for barebox users. Not accepting '*iB' suffixes might
> be confusing to UBI tool users. How about extending strtoull_suffix to
> accept '*iB' suffixes and use it here? It seems the all that's missing
> is to adjust *endp to skip the additional 'iB'

OK. It probably makes sense to move the ubiutils_print_bytes() function
then to misc.c also and completely get rif of ubiutils-common? What
would be a proper name for the function, printull_suffix? Or
ulltostr_suffix? :)

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