about the dm9000 in mini2440

Juergen Beisert jbe at pengutronix.de
Fri Dec 7 03:38:35 EST 2012

Yi Qingliang wrote:
> I got it finally, but not root cause.
> reproduce:
> 1. connect jtag with openjtag(not the official openjtag, but 100ask.net
> produced based on openmoko's).
> 2. use ON/OFF switch on the board
> then I got "Wrong databus"
> but if I disconnect the power line, and reconnect it, everything OK.
> and if not connect jtager, and use ON/OFF switch, everyghing OK.
> what's the fuck problem?

Good question. The DM9000 uses the EED0 pin to decide if a 16 or 32 bit data 
bus is in use, when the reset signal is gone. Maybe your system does 
not "see" a correct reset.


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