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Baruch Siach baruch at tkos.co.il
Tue Mar 8 13:08:36 EST 2011

Hi Vanalme,

On Tue, Mar 08, 2011 at 04:52:49PM +0100, Vanalme Filip wrote:
> Compiling and linking seems to work well now. When I dump the .elf, I see 
> that the start address is 0xA7E00000. That's what I wanted.
> However, when loading the app in ram and executing it, I see that it tries to start from 0xA0000000 (this is the base address of the RAM section) :
> barebox:/test tftp testapp.bin
> TFTP from server ('testapp.bin' -> 'testapp.bin')
> barebox:/test cp testapp.bin /dev/ram0
> barebox:/test go /dev/ram0
> ## Starting application at 0xA0000000 ...
> ?¶/ÿ'.e¢Óø­ñ_
> _øýàõÒÿ ïO
>           ÿOÿðzþðöàþ A'}®ÿ
> ùý"õÿ?O¿PP¼@Y
>              }¸m
>                ×´ï@ïðx`G-/
> Should I specify an address when executing 'go' or 'cp' ? Isn't it loading the app always at the beginning of the RAM space, i.e. 0xA0000000 ?

Is 0xA0000000 the beginning of you external RAM?

Note that in my example I used /dev/sram0 (on-chip 128K SRAM), not /dev/ram0 
(external DDR2 RAM).


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