Install barebox to target

Mickael Chazaux mickael.chazaux at
Tue Mar 8 10:24:41 EST 2011


2011/3/8 Thomas Mayer <thomas.mayer at>:
> Hi Mickael,
> according to the cpu datasheet  the bootloader has to store at offset
> 0x400 (1KByte).
> I tried to dd barebox that way  but it didn't work (command: "dd
> if=barebox.bin of=/dev/sdb bs=512 seek=2 && sync && sync").
> I also tried to use the prebuild freescale redboot binary with mmc
> support and this works.
> Have you any idea what I'm doing wrong?
> Is it possible that a mmc binary need a special flash header to work
> correctly?

I can't remember that. Maybe. Often the ROM bootloaders use a small
header, telling how many bytes to copy in SRAM before jumping to it
(this is the case for the OMAP3). It should be in the datasheet (or in
the redboot buildsystem).

Please write to the list next, someone may have more clues about that.



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