[RFC/PATCH v2] S3C24xx: NAND management changes to support booting from NAND

Juergen Beisert jbe at pengutronix.de
Mon Mar 7 04:18:00 EST 2011

Juergen Beisert wrote:
> This is revision two of my patch series to make the mini2440 booting from
> NAND. This seems somehow tricky: The mini2440 with a 64 MiB NAND works fine
> here, but the one with 128 MiB does currently boot only.
> In the first patch series where some errors in page address calculation, so
> they cannot work. This patch series might do it in a correct manner, but
> now only tested on 64 MiB and 128 MiB NAND. At least booting from NAND is
> now working also from 128 MiB. But the ECC handling fails, and I have no
> idea whats wrong now: Reading the environment fails with 'err: -74'...

Here the main question:
- what is the difference in ECC handling in the S3C2440 CPU when using
  a "small page" or a "large page" NAND?
  "Small page" ECC seems to work, but "large page" ECC fails. Anyone here with
  more experience with S3C2440/NAND? The Linux driver works well on the large
  page NANDs, but not the barebox's one.


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