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Vanalme Filip F.Vanalme at
Mon Apr 11 07:54:17 EDT 2011


Is there any specific reason why the (i.MX27) LCDC clocks are disabled in imxfb_probe() (drivers\imx.c) ?


I would have expected the clocks to be enabled in that routine.

I'm experimenting a little with Barebox's 'bmp' command. Although the command did not return any error, I did not have any output on my lcd. Then I noticed that the LCDC clocks were not enabled. If the clocks were not enabled by default in the probe function, I would expect the enabling in the bmp command code, e.g. with FBIO_ENABLE ioctl command. But, as far as I can see, FBIO_ENABLE is not executed in the bmp command code.


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