storing barebox to flash /dev/nand0

Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD plagnioj at
Fri Sep 10 05:27:37 EDT 2010

On 11:01 Fri 10 Sep     , Belisko Marek wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm porting barebox to mini2440 board. I can boot barebox from SDRAM
> by loading to TEXT_BASE address.
> I would like to test also booting from NAND flash but I can't find a
> way how to store barebox loaded in RAM
> to flash.
> I try tftp barebox.bin /dev/nand0 but if failed with:
> TFTP from server ('barebox.bin' -> '/dev/nand0')
>         offset 0x00000200 not page aligned
> write: Invalid argument
you are not supposed to write directly to nand0

but to

tftp barebox.bin /dev/

after you need a barebox that boor from NAND

Best Regards,

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