barebox for leopardboard

Anand Gadiyar gadiyar at
Fri Feb 5 15:16:11 EST 2010

>> The USB worries me, since I am just familiar enough with it to know how
>> complex it can be. Time will tell
> What kind of controller does this SoC have, EHCI, OHCI?

I'm not familiar with this SoC, but a couple of quick searches on google
led me to the USB controller's reference guide. It looks like MUSB with
CPPI DMA, similar to what is in other Davinci chips. If so, there's a kernel
driver for it in Linux (see drivers/usb/musb/) with support for the DMA
engine as well.

OMAP3 uses MUSB with its own "Inventra" DMA engine.

- Anand

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