Determining barebox version from linux

Baruch Siach baruch at
Thu Dec 23 01:18:06 EST 2010

Hi Marc,

On Thu, Dec 23, 2010 at 11:03:31AM +1100, Marc Reilly wrote:
> I want to be able to determine what version of barebox I have on my NOR 
> flash, after booting into linux.


> Does anybody else accomplish this in a better way? (I don't want to pass the 
> barebox version as an arg when booting the kernel - I'd rather it be more 
> "standalone").

I set the board revision number, using armlinux_set_revision(), to pass the 
version of the bootloader to the kernel, and then extract it from the 
'Revision' field in /proc/cpuinfo. This solution is ARM specific, though.


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