unable to write flashrom, functionality broken?

Dale Walsh dale at daleenterprise.com
Fri Feb 4 16:38:16 EST 2011

Be smart, let it go.

On Feb 04, 2011, at 07:21 AM, Michael Büsch wrote:

> On Fri, 2011-02-04 at 07:06 -0500, Dale Walsh wrote:
>> If you wish to knit-pick over details knock yourself out but you need
>> to stop making assumptions about what I know and don't know.
> No. You really just need to stop guessing around.

What guessing?

>> Explaining in great detail serves no real purpose
> I already figured out that you're not interested in falsifications of
> your flawed logics.

More dribble which has nothing to do with your code not working in  
ubuntu 10.04.

>> It also seems that people involved with these projects are too
>> sensitive, if you don't say something just right or don't mention
>> something they get bent out of shape and go off attacking people
>> labeling them as morons and idiots, very professional for someone
>> involved in a public project who goal is to support the code they
>> provide.
> Please quote me with context saying that you're a moron or an idiot.

Are you really that slow that you don't know and can't recall what  
you wrote or see the implications when you state what you believe to  
be factual without foundation?

If I put my car key in the ignition of my car, turn it and nothing  
happens I call the dealer because it's obviously broken.

You most likely would interpret that statement to be only what is  
stated and have some smart-assed comment that implies I'm not smart  
enough to determine if there is an electrical issue such as a dead  
battery preventing the car from starting or I didn't turn the key far  
enough and I conclude this based on the way in which you respond not  
only to me but others.

On Feb 03, 2011, at 19:29 PM, Michael Büsch wrote:

> That guy will brick his device anyway, as
> he _will_ write incorrect data to the SPROM.

--- END OF QUOTE ---

> YOU are the one getting personal. YOU are the one who claimed in
> the first place that our software was crap.
>> I'm not familiar with the code base because after looking at all the
>> files I've personally decided it's a structured mess
> See?

I specifically state it is my personal decision regarding the state  
of the source tree, are you now accepting responsibility for the  
entire ubuntu source tree?

The remark does not attack your code and I am not the only person who  
has a poor opinion regarding the state of the ubuntu source tree.

If you want to be responsible for a public project that offers public  
support that's great but expect that issue will come up and people  
will expect support and this has nothing to do with the purpose for  
which they use the software, my opinion is this,  it's a public  
project which offers support and you seem to be the leader so, if  
it's broke, fix it, if it isn't broke attempt to help the user in a  
kind and courteous manner and if you can't be kind and courteous  
don't involve yourself in assisting them, they are already frustrated  
enough by the fact that the software doesn't work the way they expect  
it to that they don't need to be further aggravated by a person  
offering support.

> -- 
> Greetings Michael.

My comments about you are generalized and in defense of not only  
remarks and statements you have made towards me but also others.

You really don't appear to have enough common sense to let things go  
and believe you have made no attacks on anyone at any time which is  
sad at best but you are who you are.

When I receive off-list comments from users who are afraid to ask  
questions because of the way in which you and others appear to  
respond to people in general who are less knowledgeable than you  
about your code or the code base in general, this only further  
substantiates my opinion that you should seek professional help and  
refrain from responding to any pleas for assistance because you don't  
and wont play nice with others.

Others have chimed in and made comments regarding your condescending  
attitude and behavior but you seem to relish in the arguments, my  
personal opinion of you as a sane and respectful party who has the  
best interest of the b43 project they claim to represent has sunk so  
low that it's not publicly possible to state it without violating  
some law.

If people didn't think you were so important to the project and had a  
replacement they would have dumped you years ago, they accept your  
antics because it's the trade-off they are willing to accept and many  
people from this list have made this comment to me, the difference  
is, I don't mind saying it publicly.

Because they are willing to accept it doesn't mean every person who  
comes into contact with you must and I certainly don't.

Do yourself a favor and let it go, it's not beneficial to the project  
to act in this manner and it is my observation that you really seem  
to have no common sense regarding your treatment towards others when  
you can make unfounded remarks about an individual as if it were  

I understand how people with power will abuse that power when ever  
someone questions their actions and attitudes
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