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charles vauvarin charles.vauvarin at
Tue Oct 1 07:27:51 EDT 2013

Thank you very much for your quick answer.

We are going to study the papers and we are also going to consider
buying NetGear dongles as we really need MIMO devices. It seems to be
the only option since the XBox controller is likely to be very
difficult to use. Do you agree ?

Is the soldering and the wiring difficult ?

In your Google Post, you talked about some development boards and
others tools. What were you thinking about ? Do you have any
references ?

Thanks again for your help,


PS : to answer to your question, we will probably have access to some
network and wifi analyser in the labs.

2013/10/1 Oleksij Rempel <linux at>:
> Am 01.10.2013 09:55, schrieb charles vauvarin:
>> Hello,
>> We are 6 CS students from Paris. Before we obtain our diploma, we have
>> to work on a big last project for about 5 month. Ours will involve
>> customizing a 802.11n firmware and driver. We are still looking for
>> the right hardware setup, we need some MIMO 802.11n cards / USB
>> dongles (USB would be nice for the ease of use on our laptops).
>> None of us has worked on this kind of project until now, the entry
>> barrier is quite huge.  Could someone here describe its workflow when
>> customizing the atheros firmware ? Some hardware advice on how to
>> build a MIMO 'lab' would also be a tremendous help.
> Hi,
> great to hear you have interest on this project!
> Don't worry about lack of experience, you can easily handle it.
> You will need:
> - some hardware, take a look here:
> since you wont to work on MIMO, then look for AR7010 devices. I hope
> AR9271 will be interesting for you too, but it is SISO.
> - UART access on this hardware. Some adapters have soldered UART pins
> some not. Some of them you can find here:
> - do some soldering:
> - get firmware:
> - create open documentation based on source code. Documentation provided
> by NDA is usually not complete. Many interesting parts are not
> documented but coded. Right now i'm working USB part:
> - If you will do documentation, you will learn how this firmware work,
> learn some basics about reverse engineering and make possible others to
> hack on this hardware. So, yes - documentations is cool ;)
> - How to create a MIMO lab? On first stage you do not need it. But in
> case you really wont. Do you have access to some expensive toys?
> Some thing like this:
> In attachment are some files which may be will help you too.
> Now it will be really good, if you have access to usb analyser.
> some thing like this:
> We have some usb issues :(
> --
> Regards,
> Oleksij

Charles Vauvarin

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