ath10k + OpenWRT + ath10k firmware - Crash

Kevin Dious Kevin.Dious at
Wed Jan 25 16:10:42 PST 2017


Thanks for the prompt reply.

How exactly do I enable WMI/MAC debugging?  I am a little new to this with ath10k.  Is this the correct way to do it (use the -d flag when running the firmware encoder script)?  Just want to be sure.

kevin at kevin-XPS-8700:~/compex_board_build/qca-swiss-army-knife/tools/scripts/ath10k$ python ath10k-fwencoder -c --otp otp.bin --firmware athwlan.bin --set-fw-api 3 --set-wmi-op-version 10.2 --set-htt-op-version unset -d
DEBUG: adding id 1 len(value) 4padding_len 0
DEBUG: adding id 4 len(value) 6869padding_len 3
DEBUG: adding id 3 len(value) 224758padding_len 2
DEBUG: adding id 5 len(value) 4padding_len 0
firmware-3.bin created: 231684 B
kevin at kevin-XPS-8700:~/compex_board_build/qca-swiss-army-knife/tools/scripts/ath10k$

Thank you.

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Can you enable WMI/MAC debugging when you load it up? Knowing which
command(s) it's sent before it does would be helpful.

It'd also be useful to know if it's something silly, like it thinking
it's a 2G device when QCA9888 is definitely 5G...


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