ath9k/ath10k DFS testing / certification

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Tue Jan 24 07:05:58 PST 2017


On 24 January 2017 at 03:16, Simon Wunderlich <sw at> wrote:
> Hi Adrian,
> I've been doing DFS pre-tests back in December 2016. We did AP tests for a
> 9880 based AP for ETSI and FCC region. We had two small patches for making the
> tests less painful (in hostapd and mac80211):
>  * disable CSA on incoming radar, that is keep on staying on the operating
> channels. That makes continouos testing of radar signals much easier (usually
> you test like 10 radars in a row), since we don't had to reboot the device all
> the time.
>  * shorten CAC to 3 seconds, because waiting 60 seconds is also taking some
> time

Do you have those patches available somewhere?

> All FCC tests pass, at least from the radar detection point. ETSI had a
> problem with one of the patterns. We used iperf UDP tests to generate load,
> but will probably switch to another tool in the next round (or tune it), since
> it seems to send packets too bursty, which could be the cause for the failed
> ETSI test.

Ok. What are you using to generate radar patterns for testing?

> Thanks for the info on the scan bug, we discovered that too, but thought we
> could fix it in mac80211 (but never really followed up). Please keep me in the
> loop when this is fixed. :)

:) I'll punt this to QCA if/when the right time arises and see if
they'll fix ath10k firmware.



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