[PATCH 01/13] ath10k: introduce dynamic WMI structures

Kalle Valo kvalo at qca.qualcomm.com
Thu Sep 26 04:12:12 EDT 2013

Bartosz Markowski <bartosz.markowski at tieto.com> writes:

> This is the initial framework to implement dynamic
> WMI API in order to support new firmware (from so
> called 10.X branch)
> The realization is to have a static WMI cmd map for
> each of the firmwares, registered upom wmi init.
> This patch creates such map for MAIN FW, updates
> wmi_cmd_send() calls to take as a parameter
> the map value instead of direct WMI enum.
> As soon as complete 10.X API will be on place,
> we will introduce the FW IE mechanics to dynamicaly
> identify which FW is being used and based on that
> we will use correct map, API, structures, etc.
> Signed-off-by: Bartosz Markowski <bartosz.markowski at tieto.com>


> @@ -268,6 +269,9 @@ enum ath10k_fw_features {
>  	/* wmi_mgmt_rx_hdr contains extra RSSI information */
> +	/* firmware from 10X branch */
> +	ATH10K_FW_FEATURE_10X = 1,
> +

As this feature bit seems to be only used related the WMI code, I think
it's better to rename it to ATH10K_FW_FEATURE_WMI_10X. Better to keep
the scope of feature bits as small as practically possible. That way
it's easier to disable features when the firmware interface changes.

Kalle Valo

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