SpeedTouch and ISO mode, stats, ADSL Max.

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Thu Mar 23 12:03:04 EST 2006

Hi Matthieu,

> > OK, by using iso with altsetting=3 I get a bit over 6Mb.  The difference
> > is that altsetting 3 has a max packet size of 960, while altsetting 2
> > (the default right now) has a max packet size of 640.  Now, while I
> > could (and probably will) just change the default altsetting to 3, I'm
> > thinking that maybe the choice of altsetting should depend on the line
> > speed - any opinions?
> For the ueagle-atm we use the the max packet size available (try the max and if
> it fails try a smaller one, ...)

if it's going to fail, at which point does it fail?

> The windows driver uses the ADSL speed (from modem stats) to choose the best
> one.

Presumably the point is to grab less bandwidth if you can't make use of it
anyway.  Seems reasonable.
> Matthieu

Thanks for the info,


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