bewan : most uglier driver

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> Hi,
> last week as a friend have some problem with his modem a bewan usb adsl,
> I look the driver they provide for linux [1].
> The driver support usb and pci device and seem able to use atm interface
> or use a fake ethernet interface.
> The pci driver seem to provide raw atm packet so I believe it could be
> interresting to split usbatm into a raw atm driver and an usb part.
> But the firmware seem to be excecuted on the host cpu, for that they
> need to include in their driver a libm !!!

it may be the case of the pci driver but this can't apply to the usb model
the pci flavor is a controller-less chip (meaning calculations are made on
the host computer)

> Also there are in their driver some c++ file (don't know if they are
> realy used in normal case).

Those files are used. I have already frozen the host by miscompilated c++.
And I have a c++ related problem with them and ssp under 2.6.11.

> Weel I think the "Swapping to the host computer " from ADI is beat by
> this desing ;)
I am not qualified to note the software design.
My understanding is that the module is hudge (because the firmware is
include). So it take some time (a few sec on a P200) to unzip/load the
gziped module in memory.

I know too this is the only adsl pci driver with a clear and true license
allowing distribution of the compilated module with include firmware.


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